Upcoming Events

March 4th & 5th     Ides of March
March 6th & 7th   Aeration
March 13th   Fertilizing
April 1st     M.G.A / L.G.A Kick-Off
April 5th      Masters Par 3
April 29th & 30th       Member-Member
May 1st & 2nd     Aeration
May 17th    PGA Par 3
May 22nd     Fertilizing
May 29th         Memorial Day
 June 8th-10th       Founders Classic Weekend
June 14th     U.S. Open Par 3
June 17th         Mixed Team
 June 20th-23rd        Junior Camp
June 24th      Junior Club Championship
July 4th        4th of July Scramble
July 8th & 9th       Pomp Shaefer Invitational
July 15th       Lady Member-Member
July 18th-21st       Junior Camp
July 19th       The Open Par 3
July 29th & 30th     Johnny Suggs Invitational
August 11th     75th Anniversary Tournament & Celebration
August 14th & 15th    Aeration
August 23rd      Tour Championship Par 3
September 4th     Labor Day Scramble
September 8th-10th    Carrollton Cup
September 18th      Fertilizing
September 23rd & 24th       Sunset Scramble
October 7th & 8th       Club Championship Weekend
October 14th & 15th   West Georgia 4-Ball
October 28th     Lady Member-Guest